M*A*T Mini Mal 8' Surfboard

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Ability: Beginner to intermediate ; Ideal wave size: 2 to 6 ft; Wave type: All conditions; Stock glassing: Deck 4x6oz / Bottom 6oz; Rocker: Medium; Concave: Medium single to double; Carbon: Carbon reinforced fin’s & tail; Fins: FCS II 

This Board: Mini Mal  Custom Resin Tint single stringer Round tail 

Length 8'  width 22.75  Thickness 3  Volume 65+lt

The Mini-Mal, the perfect surfboard for all. Beginner to weekend warrior, this is your easy yet super fun board to ride in a wide variety of conditions - sqaush tail or round.
MAT Mini-Mals are perfect for almost any conditions. You find it/ then ride it 1 ft plus is the go.
Wave magnet and super stable board from beginner to any beach enthusiast this summer...
Please note: All MAT Mini Mal surfboards can be made to suit your required volume. If your size / volume is not here contact us to discuss your custom hand-shaped surfboard.Some are in Nz others can be shipped quickly from South Africa.