NMD Storm Bodyboard

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The NMD Storm is the ultimate board for the beginner rider. The Storm comes without all the frills and is for those people who are serious about getting into the water to take on bodyboarding for the first time.
The board is also great for kids getting in the water learning; it will give them a lot of float and ensure that their first experiences in the water will be all good.
Core: EPS Core - (This core material is a perfect compromise between quality and price. Lightweight, rigid and durable, EPS boards are designed with both longevity and budget in mind.)
Deck: 8lb IXL- (X-link) decking (A denser, more compact foam that absorbs very little water and is therefore very durable.)
Slick: HD Channeled Slick (A hardened slick material that is durable and fast, yet still super responsive)
Tail: Clipped Crescent Tail (Provides superior control and hold on the wave face while also allowing for ease of rail to rail transitions and release from carves and spins.)
Channels: Graduated Channels (Greatly enhance control and drive, ensuring the rider has maximum command over their board when bottom turning, trimming and transitioning from rail to rail.)

BOARD COMES PRE-PLUGGED -for your conienience