Lanky Bear Plant-based performance ski wax – 130g

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Plant-based performance ski wax – 130g 

Product Description:

Hit the slopes without hurting them with Lanky Bear’s plant-based wax range. Made with 0% Fluorocarbons, 0% Petrochemicals, and 0% Preservatives, you’ll leave nothing behind but fresh tracks.

This ‘All Temp’ formula has been tested around the world and returned fantastic results. From France, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Japan, Australia & New Zealand. It really is our go to for most climates. Ideal for Aus & NZ, even on the coldest days.


• All Temp formula -4°C to -12°C

• All purpose wax, well-suited for Australia & New Zealand 

• Great durability & performance

• 0% Fluorocarbons, 0% Petrochemicals, and 0% Preservatives

• Proudly made in Australia

About Lanky Bear

The snow sports brand from down-under on a mission to make green mainstream. Guided by their mantra, “Performance that protects your passion,” they’re setting out to design products and initiatives that curb waste, promote sustainability and, most importantly, do what they say they'll do.

With around 130 million skiers and riders heading up the mountains every year, a small block of wax can make a huge difference to the environment. Enter the brand’s flagship product—a plant-based ski wax. Not only designed to completely break down, four years of research and development have gone into it to make sure its performance keeps up with its toxic competition. 

But don’t take their word for it. Their drive for performance has involved some pretty impressive people testing their product. Like Olympic gold medalist Valentino Guseli: “I have been on Lanky Bear's wax products for a while now and I am loving them. Performance-wise, the wax is ultra-smooth and fast, but I’m most impressed by what the brand is doing in the sustainability space. Transforming a product that has traditionally been harmful to the environment into one that is eco-friendly and not stacked with toxins.”

Snow temperature guide

All Temp: -4°C to -12°C

Cold: -10°C to -30°C

Warm: 0°C to -6°C