SIC Darkhorse 5'8 Surfboard

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5'8 x 20.0'' - 35L


The soft surfboard revolution is on and they are no longer simply toys. The fusion of great shapes and highly engineered construction come together in a vortex of style and performance. 


The all-new SIC Darkhorse Surfboard is stepping up the game with its Vortex™ construction fusing the highest quality soft surfboard technology with composite stringers and lightweight core materials to create fun and yet high-performance surfboards. The SIC Darkhorse Surfboard features an EPS core, the bottom and top skin are ultra-high-quality Vectra Ply reinforced polyethylene to promote speed, stiffness and durability. The rails are a high-density EVA to increase durability while being low friction, so they are comfortable on your arms when paddling. A key differentiating factor and core performance characteristic of the SIC Darkhorse Surfboard is its Dullies™ (dual glassed reinforced composite rail stringers). This gives the SIC Darkhorse Surfboard its unique stiffness without sacrificing its lively feel and pop! These surfboards are equipped with FCS Fusion compatible fin boxes and allow you to run the SIC Darkhorse Surfboard as a quad or tri fin setup in the 5’8 and 6’8 lengths 


SIC Darkhorse Surfboard weight: 4kgs


Max Rider weight: 110kgs




The all new SIC Darkhorse is stepping up the game with its Vortex™ construction (Foam and Glass Hybrid Soft Top/Bottom) fusing the highest quality soft board technology with composite material and a marine grade wooden stringer. The full-length wooden stringer creates an I-Beam between the top and bottom glass. The Darkhorse features a lightweight, molded, EPS foam core. The bottom and top skin are a high-quality HDPE with Vectra Ply with IXPE (Irradiated cross-linked polyethylene) foam backing for durability and protection